Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Please send gas

DAY: 278 CITY:47 Country:16


Liquid Gold, plus tax

So, you think $3.00 a gallon is expensive for gas?
I just filled up again here in Holland.

After spending more than six months in most all of Europe - it's pretty much all the same price: €1.49 per liter.
1 liter = .26 gallons
€1.00 = $1.28USD

That's $7.34 per gallon!

Oddly enough, I never see a Prius. But boy are there bicycles everywhere and great Metro systems, trams and trains of course. Oh yea, people walk, that's free.

I've not once seen a Hummer, Escalade or Navigator.

If you're wondering - my Ford whatchamacallit gets 24MPG.
I'm too scared to figure out how much it costs me for every kilometer I drive.


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