Friday, July 14, 2006

The Love Parade

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Drunken Love Wench at Love Parade 2006
Drunken Love Wench at Love Parade 2006
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Berlin is such a amazing city. I arrived just in time to attend the LOVE PARADE, Europe's largest rave. The music and energy were off the charts with great DJs at the event, then all week long at the clubs.

The following weekend was the CSD parade - a huge gay street party. Again - great music with DJs from around the globe and packed fun clubs every night. I stayed in Berlin for three weeks. I went to 12 of the 122 museums in the city, but sadly, the top-notch symphony was closed for the summer. Berlin is my favorite city in the world and I would live there in a heartbeat (expect for dec/jan/feb, maybe I'd stay on Maui those months)

Click on the box below for a short video that will really give you an idea of what it was like at the Love Parade.

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