Sunday, August 20, 2006

The $120,000 Piano - and some of my music

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It was a rainy day in Hamburg, a perfect time to spend all day
playing Steinways.

Today I arrived for my scheduled tour of the Steinway factory. One of the goals of my trip is to tour the world's finest piano makers, and I've done pretty well. First was Faziolli, in Northern Italy, then my favorite, Bl├╝thner in Leipzig, and then today was Steinway, in Hamburg.

Faziolli 10 ft Piano
Wyatt at the Faziolli Piano Factory in Italy - click to see a larger version

I got to spend a few hours playing different models, although they didn't have a single Model D in house, they we're all on tour. The D is the largest - the 9 ft grand. I fell in love with the Model A, their smallest full concert grand at about 6ft and only $65,000 or so. I think the Model D is $120K now. Faziolli - the Ferrari of pianos has their 10'2" grand for $200,000! It the largest in the world. They let me play several models for about an hour and afterward I met and chatted with Mr. Fazzioli. To put that experience in perspective, it's like being a car nut and getting to test drive Ferraris all day and then having lunch with Enzo.

I've had a few people ask to hear some of my piano compositions, so I've posted a file of me playing a piece I'm currently working on, which I recorded today while at the Steinway factory.

Listen to me try out a Steinway Model A and play a composition that is still in progress.
left click to listen, right click and choose save to download

One of my favorite compositions that I recorded on Maui, Hawaii two years ago is posted here.
It's a very short 2 minute meditative work meant to totally relax and chill you out.
left click to listen, right click and choose save to download


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